ISBN: 0060232595
Format: Hardcover, 32pp
Pub. Date: April 1987
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
Edition Description: 1st ed
Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 115,379
Age Range: 5 to 8

The Barnes & Noble Review

Revisit a classic story of friendship from bestselling illustrator Laura Cornell (of Where Do Balloons Go? and Today I Feel Silly fame). Originally published in 1987, this quirky and loving story follows a little girl as she wonders how she'll survive when her best friend moves away. The magnetic Annie Bananie is a pal like no other -- a dance partner, a bathing buddy, and a true friend. Cornell's illustrations depict a wonderful range of scenes revealing the fun and freedom of a best friendship, from baby-sitting porcupines to frantically scrubbing freckles from a face. This much-loved picture book captures the essence of friendship, the magic of childhood, and the hardship of leaving the ones you love. Perfectly illustrated and wonderfully written, Annie Bananie should be a staple in every child's bookshelf. (Amy Barkat)